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For your convenience, we would like to offer up presearched quality items at some of the best available prices from merchants we trust.  We also have offered up through this page some products that are only available through us like our gourd art and Gourd Stationery.  So please, while your here, check out some of the fine products and deals we have found for you.

BTW, in the case of electronic or high tech toys like digital camera's, we spend hours of research on each item to read reviews by real consumers like you.  We will not list anything that has less than a 4 star review, nor will we list any merchant that we do not trust or are not sure of their customer relations.  This does not mean these are the only good products or the only good merchants out there, but these are places we have worked with and have experience with.  We want to insure you have a good buying experience.  In the case of Amazon's 3rd party options, we recommend you check the merchants feedback history before purchasing.

  • Razertip Woodburning Pens
    Razertip Professional Woodburning pens, the choice woodburning pen of The Gourd Reserve. Great features, great pens, & binding post pen with wire tips are economical. This is Dan's ONLY pen he uses for his woodburned gourds.
  • Gourd Stationery
    Black and white Gourd Stationery for the discerning Gourd Artist. Now at new reduced prices, you can purchase the file and print out your own stationery for life.
  • Gourd & Art books
    Pyroengraved, (woodburned) gourd art by Dan Dunkin of The Gourd Reserve available for sale. Each gourd is grown and crafted here in America, and each one is done with care and patience.
  • Sanding tools
    special tools for sanding curved surfaces and small places on gourds.
  • Specialized Finishes
    finishes to protect your finished gourd art.
  • All Wood Finish Products
    all wood finish and gourd finish products
  • Hiro Portable Photo Studio
    Take a photo studio with you to the gourd, art and craft shows. Great for in home, the office, or on the road.
  • Branding Irons
    branding irons for gourd pyrography.


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