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Gourd Related YouTube Videos

Gourd related YouTube videos.  We have many gourd related pages covering how to help you select the right gourd for a project to musical instruments and artwork.  We will grow this area as time progresses.

  • Gourd YouTube Video tutorials
    video tutorials on gourds, how to select, how to pick thickness, some art tutorials all on youtube videos.

  • Gourd Music instruments
    Many instruments including percussion instruments have their roots founded on Gourds. Gourds have a wonderful resonance to them and makes them ideal for instruments. Among some examples of gourd instruments on this page you wil also see the late Scott Didlake talking on the origin of the banjo.

  • Gourd Music Videos
    watch youtube gourd music videos. unique and interenting instruments created by the gourds natural resonance that so many have found to be both beautiful and hard to beat.

  • Gourd Art Video Tutorials
  • Gourd Art
    There are lots of pictures of gourd art around the web, but videos have the ability to show several pieces in one place, and some even rotate the gourd so you get to see a panoramic view of the gourd. You will also see some beautiful turkish gourd lamps, (although the picture quality is lacking.