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Quit Sweating Global Warming

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A word from the President on Global Warming:

While we are not trying to make light of the possibility of Global warming, the facts are that there are two camps on ths issue.  The Scientists who do not believe we have the capability of impacting by driving cars and using aerolsol dispensers.  Either way, my view is that destiny will be achieved with or without our assistance, and nature is much bigger than we are, and therefore we should quit sweating global warming and focus on making life better now.  Yes, we do need alternative fuels and we have the technology to use water as fuel, and using water as fuel when it burns, it converts back to water with no other byproducts. by the fact that Wooly mamouths have been found frozen in Siberia with tropical food still undigested in their stomachs, I think we should be more concerned about global freezing