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Toothy Gourd

(Sir Toothy Face to you Human types)

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Sir Toothy face Gourd, whips up a meal of Human artists. While allowing the artists to Believe that they are the ones in charge, doing the cultivating, curing, cleaning, and crafting, it is Toothy Gourds belief that in reality he cultures the Human race. You see, He gets YOU to plant & care for his young, YOU tend his vines, YOU cure & clean them, and YOU mold and create them into usable or artistic pieces. He is always in his finest Chefs cap, lying in wait for another unaware human to SINK his teeth into. Beware of this Toothy Gourd, or you non-gourders my just find he has sunk his teeth into you!!!

Just one bite, and you could be forever hooked on Gourds.

The fun side: Of course Mr Toothy Gourd is all in fun.  He started off as a conversation on The Gourd Patch email group where people were discussing trying to apply certain types of art on gourds that had too smooth of a surface.  It was mentioned that you needed a gourd with a toothy surface, that planted a seed in my head, and the rest is history.  However he was fun, and I do receive comments on him from time to time, so I leave him up here.

The more serious side: All kidding aside, if you have not yet tried gourd crafting or gourd art, you haven't experienced the euphoria of having this versatile 3 dimensional canvas.  Gourds are an awesome canvas, you can carve, sculpt, paint, pencil, stain and burn designs and images.  Some people actually stitch gourds, and other bead gourds.  They have been made into comical figures, usable utensils, and very expensive and valuable pieces of art worth displaying in the wealthiest homes.  Because of this experience, many who have begun by just trying one or two to see what they could do, have become  rather attached to this style of art.  Many use the word addiction, but I don't want to be associated with the stigma this word carries, so I'll say attached, this is a different type of euphoria.  Look at me, I'm not addicted.....  I'm only typing with one hand because I'm thinking about what to do with the gourd in my other hand, I could put it down any time I want, I just don't want to right now because I'm trying to think of what type of art I want to apply to this gourd.  Oh well, I've said enough, I'm going to take this gourd to bed and sleep on it....

Dan :-)



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