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 Each desktop image is a thumbnail, and underneath the thumbnail are two sizes, one standard, the other is widescreen.  While there are multiple widescreen ratios out there, we have selected 1280 X 800 as a pretty common ratio for widescreen computer monitors.  If the resolution does not match your resolution, you should be able to go to the desktop properties and choose "stretch" for your display option to make the image fit your screen. 

To retrieve a desktop image:

 1) Click on the size most suitable for your computer, standard or widescreen

 2) Wait for the image to download

 3) Right click on the image and select, "Set as Background"

 4) Bookmark this page for quick and easy changes of desktop images.

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Pikes Peak


 Cactus & Plants

Mountain Streams


Other Places


Mushroom Art by Dan

These Colorado Desktop images are a collection of pictures we have taken ourselves, and the drawings are pictures of our own art.  We have an assortment of Spanish Peaks desktops, Pikes peak desktops, Animal, interesting plants like blooming cactus and twisty trees.  These images are free, all we ask is that you leave the domain name in tact. Bookmark this page because you may want to change images from time to time, and it would be convenient to remember where you got them.

These pictures are copyright by us, but we give you a license to use these for free as your desktop images.  We ask you do not distribute, alter, or sell these images without our express written permission.  We will be adding more Colorado desktop images as time progresses, eventually we will hopefully have many varieties of Native Colorado animals, scenery from different angles, etc.

Thank You for visiting The Gourd Reserve and RVing for Families.


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