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Gourd Art

This is gourd art we've received through gourd group exchanges.  This is a fun way to share a little of yourself, and collect the artwork of others at the same time.  You can click on any of the images to view a larger image.

Susan Levesque - exchange gourds

Exchange from Susan Levesque


Molly Mahnke

Exchange from Molly Mahnke


Kathy Halleran - exchange gourds

Exchange from Kathy Halleran


Alana Riveira's gourd art

Exchange from Alana Riveira


Alice Moore

Exchange from Alice Moore


Jane Weller

Jane Weller

Exchange from Jane Weller


Darlene Propp's gourd art

Exchange from Darlene Propp


Sharon Lane

Exchange from Sharon Lane


Claire Groff

Exchange from Claire Groff


Loretta Berry

Exchange from Loretta Berry


exchange gourd from Marta Jones

Exchange from Marta Jones



Exchange from Bev



Hurray for America

exchange gourd from Crystal Snook

Exchange from Crystal Snook

How do gourd exchanges work? In our email groups we have a lot of gourd artists and crafts people who enter and exchange gourds.  A gourd exchange is established, it may be based on a theme or on a type of craft like a gourd purse or a gourd box, maybe it will be spring and ential bird feeders and such.  Whatever the exchange is decided to be on, then people submit their names to be on the gourd exchange.  Usually a time limit is established or a date set.  A gourd exchange may have 10 people or it may have 30 people, whoever wishes to participate is welcome to.

Once the gourd exchange is full and the date reached, someone who was previously chosen or who volunteered to run the exchange will draw names from a hat.  Each person is given a name of someone and that is the person their exchange gourd will go to.  There is a deadline date set and all exchange gourds must be shipped by that date.  Gourd exchanges are really a lot of fun, and you never know who's artwork you are going to receive, and there are artists of all talent levels out there.

We have participated in several gourd exchanges, and as you can see it gives us an opportunity to own a piece of other gourd artists work. They are a lot of fun, they inspire you to do your best, and when it is over everyone is a little richer in having a piece of someone else through that persons artistry in your home.


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