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Prismacolor Art

by Dan Dunkin

We decided at one point to give art pencils a try. After seeing some of the beautiful stuff people on the internet were doing with Prismacolor's, we decided to give them a try. They are nice to work with, as just another medium. For practice, I did some playing on drawing paper, then did some experimentation to see what it would take to make them work on Gourds. Anyway, this is some of the fun I had tinkering....

1957 Corvette

57 'Vette, I've always liked red sports cars, and this one is a classic.

Abstract Creature

I started this off as just a scribble. I wanted to draw, but didn't know what. The top looks like it could be an alien type hand, or it could be a creature eating energy units, or.... If you look closely, you might see fingers, a hand, or maybe a thumb bending backwards. I don't know what it is.

It was more a color and blending practice

An Angel

This was a fun Prismacolor practice, one of the first things I attempted with Prismacolor.  Contrary to what all the Prismacolor instructions and tips I've read, they say to start with your light colors, then blend in the darker colors.  For this effect, I began by coloring my entire sheet as thich and thurough as I could, then I used white to create the Angel.  This really creates a nice effect.

Cross Bookmarks

Morrow Bay Rock

This was another fun Prismacolor drawing.  I've never tried to accomplish any type of rock texture or water, in fact I've never really done any artwork until I  Drew a couple rapidograph pen drawings, then started woodburning on gourds. Color was a fun thing to experiment with, and I just tried to reproduce what I saw.

Ocean Waves

Two different attempts to draw ocean waves. I had no idea how to do water, and after doing these two pics, I still am not sure how I did it, or how to do it.

Deco Abstract?

My own deco style peacock


In the beginning...  I got a pen and one book from the library, tried a few effects they taught in the book, and this was my first drawing outside of the exercises in the book. Rapidograph Lion, the scan does no justice to this piece.


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