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Gourd Woodburning

I Love woodburning, (Pyrography), especially on gourds. I have tried several different types of pictures and images, and even patterns on Gourds with Pyrography as well as color acrylics and pencil, but I always come back to the woodburning, and I always come back to a certain type of picture. I think it is because of the tan color of the gourd, with black and shades of brown/black there is a certain type of Sepia feel to it, like and old time photograph. For this reason I find myself drawn to country and old farm scenery, country settings, and even my Fossil Gourd has a certain feel to it, giving it a sort of antiquity of it's own. - Dan Dunkin

Books on Pyrography

Razertip Woodburners
gourd trinket box - old farm

Old Farm Trinket box

Something about walking old cemeteries and old farms. I'f you listen carefully, you almost get the feeling you can hear the voices and sounds of people playing and working. I love the past, there is a rich heritage, and this gourd is my reflection of that heritage of days gone by.
fossil gourd

Fossil Gourd

Another Trinket box, or maybe a change box for some archaeologist out there. :-)

1957 truck

'57 Chevy Truck

How about a '57 pick-up. In need of restoration in front of an old farm outbuilding.


The Outhouse

Nothing like an old country scene, this is an outhouse... on a hill. The tree probably provided shade and cover for that old outhouse.

57 chevy belaire 

1957 Chevy Bel Air

A Christmas Present for my Brother-in-Law, a gourd box with his first car wood burned in. My rendition of a car that looks very much like a 1957 Chevy Bel Air.

1957 corvette 

1957 Corvette

My favorite car, entered in the Ohio Show, my rendition of a car that looks very much like a '57 Corvette

cobble stone bird feeder

Cobble Stone bird feeder

This is a bird feeder, done like a cobblestone house. Took 1st place in the Ohio show, 2003

calvary's cross

Calvary Gourd Trinket Box

Calvary, wood burned and Prismacolor pencil.

$65 will make another on request


Pattern Gourd

Hook 'N Ladder, wood burn style

my first gourd

Floral Vase Gourd

The very first piece of wood burning I ever did. This was done with a Walmart wood burner, I made my own temperature control for it so I could get shading. The stock pen burns on contact.

pattern 2

Another Pattern Gourd

One of my first pattern gourds, given as a gourd exchange.

Egyptian box

Egyptian Gourd Box

Egypt, and egyptian box, the lid is cut along one of the dark wood burned lines, and an insert ring was made from a piece of snake gourd that was boiled and formed to fit. Given as a gift to a friend.

1st Place Ohio 2003

pattern 3

Drum Lace Pattern

Another pattern gourd


Butterflies and Vines

You might not see the pattern work in this gourd, but utilizing what I learned doing pattern gourds, I applied some of the concept to this gourd

picture frame

Gourd Picture Frame

This was a picture frame for our daughter and her fiance for her High School Prom pic.

quilt tile

Gourd Quilt Tile

Dan's contribution to the Gourd Quilt Project

mushroom forest

Mushroom Forest

This is the second wood burning project I ever worked on, this one also was done using the Wal Mart cheapie.


RA Gourd Trinket Box

Self explanatory, a sun....  RA, as in Do Ra Me Fa So La Ti Do... Ra a drop of golden sun.


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