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Gourd Woodburning

Colorado Trinket Box

To begin my project, a Hyankunari is cut, cleaned, and sanded to create on of my traditional trinket boxes using the techniques shown on our trinket box tutorial.  Next step, I have taken the bowl and with a pencil I lightly sketch the general outlines of the scenery and objects onto the gourd.  You can do this free hand or use a pattern or template, I prefer free hand as it keps me in shape and gives me a feel for what I'm drawing and how I want it to look.

  • Project Tools Needed
    what you will need in order to create this gourd trinket box. This will be updated as I use more pens and/or supplies in the making of this trinket box.
  • Colorado Trinket Box day 1
    The Colorado trinket Box day one. beginning with sketching the design, woodburning the pasic outlines, woodburning the sky, selecting the right pyrographic nib for the trees and burning the first tree.
  • Colorado Trinket box day 2
    Day two, burning the second tree, and creating a forest. Also started an elk in the foreground.
  • Colorado Trinket box day 3
    Day three, Completing the elk and beginning some of the distant mountains.
  • Colorado Trinket box day 4
    colorado trinket box day 4, the nearest background mountains have begun.
  • Colorado Trinket Box day 5
    Gourd pyrography, the Colorado trinket box Day five, giving some dimension and depth to the mountains.
  • Colorado Trinket Box day 6
    A message from the doctor...


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