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The Gourd Report

The Gourd Report is based on expirimental methods of cleaning gourds to make this seasons gourds ready to craft in time for Christmas. Reader should be aware that this is an expirimental procedure, and is not fool proof. We lost several gourds during our experminet, and now two years later, we are still leanring more. Like for instance Hyakunari's that have sat for about 6 weeks and are still as green as the day they were picked, are more likely to survive the rapid clean and oven dry process than the one's that begin to turn brown at the top.

The smaller the gourd, the better candidates they are for this process, the larger the gourds, the less likely. WE DO NOT recommend you try this proceedure on any kettles, or gourds that weigh over 10 pounds fresh picked and green.

That being said, I hope you find the Gourd Report educational and inspiring for some of your crafting experience.

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