There is a story in this gourd... When Carmella and I met, we lived about 350 miles apart. Our first date was meeting at the same time under the moon, She in Niles Ohio, and me in Indianapolis Indiana, and at the same time we both watched the moon, which in essence put us together because we were both looking at the same thing, at the same time. A year later we got married.

Carmella's Sign is Scorpio and my sign is Cancer, so the picture on this gourd is two fairies, (I can say it, but don't call me a fairy :), with the little girl fairy handing her heart to the boy fairy under a full moon. Incorporated in the stars above them is the constellation Scorpio over the girl, and Cancer above the boy.

This was a work of passion, it was the first time I did anything transparent, (like the wings of the fairy, you can see the grass blades through it although you can still se the wings). It was also the first of what I would call a creative work, something with more meaning than just a picture.

Oh BTW, no it isn't for sale, I gave it to Carmella. She is the love of my life, my very heart beat, and she likes this gourd. Can't quite understand that one, ;)