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Gourd Artist

To take part in this showcase, please email us at this email addy: Gourd Artist Showcase . Please do not change the subject line.

The subject lines gives us permission to use your pictures, but all rights to the your pictures remain your property and will be withdrawn upon your request, (within a reasonable amount of time for us to accomplish this)
Please try to keep your images at a managable size, under 100k each. No tiff or bmp formats. Most digital camera's will take photos in a 640 X 480 format which would be the best size for sending, if you pics are larger, please try to resize them first. We will make the thumbnails and do the rest of the footwork. If you don't know how to resize, we will do it for you, but if they are large, please send 1 pic at a time. Thank You.

1 - Be Sure to attach your image files

2 - please put the artist name in the subject as it will appear

3 - Include your link if you have one

4 - put a small note that these pictures are for the Gourd Artist Showcase.

5 - we will respond to your email to let you know we received it

Thank You



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